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About Us


Our Story


In the current situation developing in different parts of the world, with political turmoil and instability factors such as inflation, one of the family needs that should be satisfied in a stable way and at hand everyday, is the food and nutrient resources available with affordable costs. This is not strange to many of several communities from different parts of the world and, in concrete, to Latin American communities.  With the idea to provide accessible ingredients and food to nourish our families bringing near, at the same time, all those specific flavours and aromas to our home, it is created Catatumbo Foods, Ltd. to support and enhance the quality of life of these communities.

Our Mission

To supply flavours from where we grew up with cost savings supporting the budget on foods and to get involved the families’ future generations with their roots.

Our Vision

To be a global provider of foods and nutrients from Latin American countries, growing together with conscience in costs, quality services and producing the happy faces that our homes deserve.

Authentic Latin American Flavours

Experience the vibrant flavours of Latin America with our selection of authentic grocery foods sourced directly from the heart of each country. From the zesty spices of Mexico and Central America to the rich, smoky aromas of South American countries, our collection celebrates the diverse culinary heritage of our continent.


Ingredients and produce such as tasty and healthy beans, cumin, rice, garlic, tomatoes, corn, plantain and limes are attached to a lot of Latin American dishes. Just to mention few of the famous dishes we find ceviche (Peru), arepas (Venezuela, Colombia), empanadas (Argentina, Venezuela, Chile), tacos (Mexico), pisco sour (Chile, Peru),  pastel (Brazil), dulce de leche (Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil), brigadeiros (Brazil), steak (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela), anticuchos (Bolivia), pupusas (Salvador), gallo pinto (Costa Rica), tamales (Mexico, Colombia), hallacas (Venezuela), baleadas (Honduras), fiambre (Guatemala), arroz caribeño (Cuba) and many many others; find their distinctive flavours and aromas in the wide rich and variety of ingredients and particular history of each country. Whatever you choose, just enjoy it!

We Take Sustainability Seriously

At our store, sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it's a way of life. We're committed to reducing our environmental footprint by sourcing locally whenever possible, minimizing packaging waste, and offering a wide selection of organic and ethically sourced products. From our zero-waste process to our eco-friendly packaging alternatives, every aspect of our store is designed with sustainability in mind.

Supporting Latin American Products

Step into our store and embark on a culinary adventure through the vibrant flavours of Latin America. We pride ourselves on supporting local Latin American producers, offering a diverse range of authentic products that celebrate the rich culinary heritage of the continent.

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