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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. General Considerations

By using Catatumbo Foods website and completing an online transaction, the client has agreed to the following Terms and Conditions (T’s & C’s) and company policies referred herein and/or available within the website. 


Within this document, T’s & C’s refers to “Terms and Conditions”, it is accepted that ‘company” refers to Catatumbo Foods, Ltd., “client” refers to the user of the webpage for purchase purposes and “third party” refers to a different legal entity involved in the said commercial transaction through the company website between the company and the client. Catatumbo website use by the client is conditioned on the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (T’s & C’s) as referred in herein.


Updates to this website made in the future shall be part of the T’s & C’s and its conditions and obligations. Catatumbo Foods reserves the right to modify and / or update any part of the T’s & C’s governing commercial transactions on line through this website. It is recommended to the Client to check prior to complete any transaction to be aware of any change or update in our policies.


Company makes all efforts to have on its webpage the most updated version of the T’s & C’s. However, company reserves its right, and its own discretion, to update or modify in any way the company T’s & C’s within company website. For any transaction completed by a client under an updated Terms and Conditions Policy, the company considers the client has read and understood the new updated conditions. 


Company activity is regulated by the Province of Alberta, and transactions are intended to be within the limits of the province. Any transaction outside this province, would be treated as a special transaction, treated as in a case-by-case basis, where the company reserves the right to include additional conditions or to decline the service.


2. Right to Decline

Catatumbo Foods, Ltd. reserves the right to decline any service in case of failure of compliance with these T’s & C’s and or company policies or for technical limitations from the client. 


It is understood that some of client’s personal information may be transferred unencrypted over several networks supporting company website. Client credit card information must always be encrypted during any transfer over company website networks to ensure critical personal information is protected at any time.


Personal information submitted through company website is under company Privacy Policy. 


The use of the website for any different purpose to its intended commercial service to the client is prohibited, including reproduction of any information from the website and / or unlawful use of the same. 


3. E-Commerce T’s & C’s

Client is considered adult under the law of the Province of Alberta. Personal information received in the company website is considered given by the client directly, even if the client has authorized a different person to release this information into company website. In all cases, once the information is completed as input to the system, it is considered that T’s & C’s have been read and understood by the client. 


4. Company Products and Services  

The company is defined as an online retailer with sales of manufactured products used for direct consumption or for food preparation. The sale is done only online through the company website. 


Products on sale are subjected to company inventory and quality received by distributors or manufactures and any return must follow the company Return Policy (please refer to this in company website).


Photographs depicted in the company website are with the sole purpose of offering to the client all available information related to each of the products, that may or may not available at certain point of time. As a reference, the photograph may depict the real characteristics of products or not as manufactures may update information, label colours, sizes, weight, etc. Catatumbo Foods makes an effort to have the company website up to date with the last products information, inventory, and other considerations to satisfy clients needs; however, the company is not responsible for any change made by manufactures on their products. 


The client will be responsible to ensure have read and understood all product information before completing the purchase and product return and refund are based on the company policies. 


5. Company Pricing Policy

Company pricing policy may be updated time to time to reflect economy factors and products may or may not reflect an update at a time. Once a transaction by a client has been completed based on a price, this will be kept by the company until the change is completed in the company website, after of which the new transactions will be completed at the new product price.


Company website may reflect some products on sale or with discount within a limited time, after of which the product may return to its original price or to an updated price.


In general, prices for products offered in the company website, may be subject to change without notice to the client or public in general. The company reserves this right and will communicate and inform the client of any opportunity for the client to get products at the best price the company is able to offer, but there shall not be any type of liability to the company on this respect.


6. Products and Services  

The company reserves the right to limit the quantity of any offered product based on market conditions and inventory availability. The company may decide at any time to stop selling specific product at any time, if conditions are not favorable either to the company or to the client or if government agencies release any product recall or there is any prohibition to sell a product within the province or country.


The company does not guarantee final quality of the products or it is not responsible for the information manufacturers indicate in their products label or if manufacturers have any error or typo in their information on product labels.


7. Accuracy of Transaction Information

Client agrees to provide to company, complete and correct information as requested by the company website. The company reserves its right to decline any transaction where errors are detected that can interfere with providing the best quality service to the client.


In the event of a cancellation, the company may notify the client through the contact information provided by the client who is the sole responsible for the accuracy of his/her own personal information.


Company is not responsible for the information manufacturers provide in their product labels. In the case of any concern on product information by the manufacturer, the client must communicate directly with the manufacturer through the existing channels given by the own manufacturer.


Any information or website from manufacturers provided in the company website or via label information, is only for reference to the client who may use these channels at his/her own discretion and risk. The company has no responsibility on any third-party website used by the client on pursue of more information about products offered by the company.


The company has no responsibility on products review and / or comments from clients and public in general. The company reserves the right but with no obligation to monitor, edit or remove content that to the sole company discretion might be offensive, misleading in any way or otherwise unlawful within laws and regulations. 


Company is no responsible and does not take any liability from clients or third parties for any comment posted by clients or general public on company website.


In case of an error within the company website information, if related to product information, shipping information, product pricing, delivery time and / or availability, company reserves the right to make corrections as soon as be possible, without notification to clients or third parties, or any other correction action which may include purchase cancellation with client notification if that is the case.


8. Disclaimer and Liability

Company does not guarantee or warrant that client use of company website will be uninterrupted, safe to cyber attacks and / or free of errors.


Company does not guarantee or warrant that the use of the company website will be accurate or reliable from client computer, and its use is to the sole client responsibility and risk. The company is not responsible or liable for any loss or any damage of any kind suffered or indicated as such by the client for the use of the company website.


The company, to its sole discretion and decision, may remove the company website and services or to make a complete renovation of the same without public notice. 


In case of breach of the company T’s & C’s on the use of the company website by the client and/or user, and in case of claim made by third party product of such breach or non compliance, client and / or user agrees to indemnify the company of any direct or indirect cost related to the claim, including lawyers fees or any other cost associated to laws and regulations derived from clients or user breach to these T’s & C’s. 


9. Company Website Prohibited Use

Company reserves its right to forbid the following use, but not limited to, of the company website from client or general public, where the company reserves its right of any legal procedure: 

  • Violation of provincial or federal laws and / or regulations 

  • Unlawful purpose or soliciting others to perform unlawful activities 

  • Submitting false or misleading information

  • Collecting or tracking personal information from others 

  • Interfering with or circumvent the security features of the company or third parties’ website

  • Violating company or third parties’ intellectual property 

  • Harassing, verbally or psychologically abusing others

  • Discriminating others on gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, age, national origin, or disability

  • For obscenities or verbal abuse

  • Uploading any computer virus that may affect company website or third parties’ operation

  • Producing spam or phish to the company or third parties


10. Company Contact Information

For any issue related to the company Terms and Conditions Policy or any other policy, please contact us via


This website is hosted by who provide the platform for completing all the transactions made on the Catatumbo Foods website.

Privacy Policy

How your personal information is collected, used and shared when completing a transaction in Catatumbo Foods, Ltd. Website.


Personal information

When you visit Catatumbo Foods website, some information about your device, your web browser, IP address, time zone, and some of the cookies installed on your device are automatically collected. Information about the individual web pages visited, category and its products that were visited is also collected.


Device Information can be collected using the following technologies:

  • “Cookies” are data files that are placed on your device or computer and often include an anonymous unique identifier. For more information about cookies, and how to disable them, visit

  • “Log files” track activity occurring on our website and collect data such as IP address, browser type, internet service provider, date and time and exit pages.

  • “Web beacons”, “tags”, and “pixels” are electronic files used to record information about how you browse the website.


Personal information such as name, billing address, shipping address, payment information with credit card number, email address and phone number are collected for the purpose of the transaction made for a purchase order of any of our products. This action includes the processing of your payment and delivery information, to generate Client’s receipt for a completed purchase order.


The personal information may be used for Client communication in case is necessary to complete the transaction, screening for any potential risk or fraud that can impact our clients and for any reference of our products or offers available.


Personal Information Use

The Personal Information is shared with the third parties involved in the payment received, such as the financial institutions, in a secured way.


Personal Information received in the transaction may be used to comply with applicable laws and regulations, to respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other lawful requests as be necessary.


​You can unsubscribe of targeted advertising by using the links below:


Purchaser Rights

For Canadian residents in Alberta, you may ask for correction, updating and removal of any of your Personal Information as you may consider appropriated. You may contact us to complete any update to our contact e-mail address and or phone number.


Data Retention

When you place an order, we keep this information for our records unless and if it is requested to be delete. Purchase Orders may be kept for company tax income reports.


Policy Update

This policy may be updated as necessary in order to adapt the company operational activity, practices and legal or regulatory considerations.



Phone: (403) 650-7458

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